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Trial will automatically renew into an All Access Monthly after 7 days. If you wish to change to another plan please reach out to us at community@aubrewinters.com and we can update your subscription.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after my 7-Day Free Trial Ends?

Your 7 day trial will renew automatically as a monthly all access membership unless you cancel or request a different plan prior to the trial expiration date. You can reach out to community@aubrewinters.com to change or cancel your plan. You can also cancel you plan by managing your account HERE.

How do I manage my account and subscriptions?

You can access and manage your account by clicking the "login" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen on your desktop or the second button on the mobile menu.

Who do I contact with questions?

Reach out to community@aubrewinters.com for anything and everything.

How do I switch to a different plan?

Request a plan change to community@aubrewinters.com and we will update it for you. We will also respond with confirmation of your change.

Is Sweat Sessions pregnancy safe?

Yes, Aubre is both pre and post natal certified. She can provide modifications whenever needed. You can always reach out to us directly with questions at community@aubrewinters.com. However, always consult with your doctor first before to ensure you are doing the safest thing for you and your baby.

Is Sweat Sessions beginner friendly?

While Aubre‚Äôs workouts can be challenging, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. Aubre is diligent in ensuring that modifications are provided throughout her workouts so you can find a progression that works for you. Through time with consistency you will notice yourself getting stronger and feeling better. Sweat Sessions offers a variety of workouts so there is something for everyone. 

How can I move with Aubre IRL?

Aubre teaches once a week at FP Movement Studio in Chicago. Follow Aubre on IG @aubrewinters or sign up for our newsletter HERE so you can stay informed for when she comes to a city near you.

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